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Kim Skala,

Skala Insurance Agency LLC

You Don't Know What You Don't Know

  Do you find yourself feeling frustrated or intimidated when you sit down to review your Insurance Plan?  You are NOT alone!  The term “Insurance” sometimes projects an uneasy feeling, usually because the average consumer does not understand it, with its many terms and definitions.  This language barrier can be a roadblock to the goal of obtaining affordable, complete insurance protection.
  Learn how to break down the insurance roadblock!  Feel confident when shopping or reviewing your insurance needs and coverages.  Ask questions and education yourself.
  How often should you review your Business Insurance / your Personal Insurance?
  What important questions about coverage and exclusions should you ask your insurance provider?Think of every “what if” scenario, and ask about how it would be covered.
  Did you ask your insurance provider if you are receiving ALL available discounts?
  How should you select your policy’s deductible and other coverage limits?
  What NEW coverages or plans are now available for your business’s industry that you don’t currently have, but may need?
  When you add something new to your business, or when you change something in your current operations, does your current process include contacting your insurance provider?
  If you are hosting an event, as a business, are you properly covered to do so?
  Why are auto insurance rates at an all-time high?
  What steps can you take to reduce your insurance rates?
  How to select an Insurance Agency to do business with – you interview them!

What you don't know may cost you! Education is the key!  Knowledge is Power!


Julia Bowlin M.D. 

The Stress-Less Life For the Successful Woman

       You work hard. You play hard. You go hard from sun up to sundown. I understand  because you just might be a perfectionistic super-doer like many hard-driven professional women.  But, are you getting edgy?  Less tolerant?  Slipping from your tip top productivity? Are your neck and shoulder in a knot and you’re barely managing to tread water to just survive the daily grind? Does your mind jump start the day before your feet even hit the floor in the morning and is your to-do list longer at the end of the day then at 8 AM?

In this breakout session, you will learn:

  • Internal verses external causes of stress
  • How your values and beliefs may be harming your ability to function at your peak
  •  Ways to survive and manage outside forces beyond your control
  •   What crappy clutter stress i s and how to manage it​ 

Jennifer Juguilon-Hottle,

President of J2H Consulting

Surviving Vs Thriving: How To Transform Your Business Into A Thriving Enterprise

  Does your business appear to be making money yet you struggle to pay your bills - let alone pay yourself? Do you panic every April wondering how you are going to pay your tax bill? Does it feel like you can never plan ahead because you have no idea where your money is? 
  If you answered yes, then this workshop is for you. I will introduce you to a pay-yourself-first cash management system in which you can not only plan for your profits but take them as well.  It is a system that will streamline your cash by leveraging behaviors you already use every day. In the end, you will have the tools to make your business serve your dreams.

​​Lee Ann Cochran,

Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Pradco

Authentically You

  How do you define authentic behavior in the workplace? What does being authentic mean to you?  Companies, teams and employees are more successful when authentic. Having researched authenticity it has become clear that being Authentically You drives connection, leading to productive teams.  While authenticity is a straight-forward concept, there are still many challenges individuals have to overcome to find their authentic self in the workplace.

Women in Leadership Program


Freia Ramsey
Taproot Yoga, LLC

Yoga  Therapy for Workplace Wellness

  Learn how to use the tools of Yoga Therapy; therapeutic movement, mindfulness, breathing practices and intention setting, to create a balanced and nourishing workday routine. When we incorporate mindful habits into our day we notice more quickly when things go out of balance, and can then make small immediate changes to bring our bodies and minds back into harmony. At this presentation, I will help you to determine where you hold chronic tension and stress in your body and what movements and postures you can integrate into your day to release that tension. We will determine where and how to create small changes in habits and routines to increase your ability to focus on your work with clarity and energy.  You will leave with a concrete plan for how to create take care of your body and mind as you simultaneously take care of business. 

Jennifer Corso
Petronzio Schneier Co., LPA

Be the Boss

​  Women tend to create, foster and value workplace friendships more than their male counterparts do. But sometimes you just have to be The Boss. This presentation discusses how women in business can find the right balance between being their employees' friend, colleague and collaborator, and still be that person whose job it is to make sure the work gets done. We’ll discuss the traits that make a good boss, and how being a good boss can improve your business’s bottom line.  Attendees will learn about the legal pitfalls of not establishing clear supervisor/employee roles and of bad supervision, how to know where to draw the line, and when to make exceptions to the rules.

Julia Bowlin M.D.  

Fatigue to Fantastic: Are You Tired or Toxic

 ​Women today are amazing producers, managers, mothers, and lovers. The powerful professional woman busts her chops at work and takes care of her family. She appears amazing on the outside and yet on the inside she may be falling apart, exhausted, and her work-life tenacity may taking a heavy toll on her health, her weight, her focus, and even her relationships. 

Do you know how to recognize when you have crossed the line into health damaging thoughts and behaviors? Learn how to spiral back in control, understand how and why you got to this point so that you can still do it all ... but without paying the price of getting sick, feeling overwhelmed/crazy, and disconnected from everyone and everything.  It is time to be SAGACIOUSLY SELFISH and learn how to take care of number 1!

In this breakout session, you will:

  • Identify the various signs of toxicity
  •  Understand that  you put on, in, and around your body may be making you sick
  •  Learn how to tap into the sub-parts of yourself and to temper that dastardly slave driving critic


Stacie Riffert,

FocalPoint Business Coaching

Empowered Leadership

​  Have you ever worked for a company or a leader that controlled and micro-managed everything? How did that make you feel? Most of us find this level of management discouraging and demotivating. The best leaders give their people the space and authority to do their jobs and make important decisions. 
  As a leader, it can be hard to give up this control and trust your team will make decisions with the company’s best interests in mind. Creating rigidly flexible structure and process within your business can help you reduce risk and eliminate worry while instilling a sense of ownership and pride within your team. We will discuss how to create the right level of process and guardrails within your organization to maintain your standards while empowering your team.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Join us for a 3 month small business boot camp where we will give you the tools and knowledge to confidently grow your business.
 The next session starts on December 4th. We will meet for a total of 9 sessions over the 3 months. 




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Dr. Karen Gurney

Career IQ LLC

Advanced LinkedIn Networking to Double Your Leads

  Businesses and entrepreneurs can double their leads using advanced LinkedIn networking. Many professionals associate LinkedIn with hiring, but LinkedIn is actually a powerful medium for sales and marketing. 
This is not a presentation about profile creation. 
  We will dig into the very guts of LinkedIn to explore how to build an opportunity pipeline by tapping the little-known, and never advertised, LinkedIn networking functionality. The best part is that these techniques are free, not a costly paid advertising campaign.
  LinkedIn was used to launch Dr. Gurney’s book Stacked: Double Your Job Interviews, Leverage Recruiters, Unlock LinkedIn. An effective LinkedIn networking campaign was critical to the book achieving Amazon’s ‘Hot New Trending’ status, a #1 ranking across three categories, and the top 1% of book sales in 2017. 
  Dr Gurney has since worked with other businesses and entrepreneurs on effective LinkedIn campaigns to double their lead pipeline.​